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Click here to see my Teaching Statement.

In 2019, I received the Tanner Award for

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 

(UNC, Chapel Hill).

Courses Taught or Scheduled

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Click here to see a recent teaching evaluation (from 'Self, Heart, & Mind in Eastern Philosophies').

As Primary Instructor

Senior Capstone Seminar (w/ Sarah Holtman)                                 UMN, Spring 2025

Intro to Philosophy (via Plato's Republic)                                           UMN, Spring 2025

'Self' and 'No Self' in Asian and Western Philosophy (Grad level)    UMN, Fall 2024

Environmental Ethics                                                                            UMN, Fall 2024

Directed Study: Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics              UMN, Fall 2024

Environmental Ethics                                                                            UMN, Summer 2024

Directed Study: Self and Nature in Environmental Ethics                  UMN, Summer 2024

Senior Capstone (Directed Study): Obligations to Sea Life               UMN, Spring 2024

Directed Study: Wittgenstein & Poetry                                                UMN, Spring 2024

Directed Study: Wittgenstein & Noise Music                                       UMN, Spring 2024

Intro to Ethics (in Eastern & Western Traditions)                               UMN, Spring 2024

Environmental Ethics                                                                            UMN, Spring 2024

Senior Capstone (Directed Study): Wittgenstein and Daoism           UMN, Fall 2023

Wittgenstein                                                                                           UMN, Fall 2023

Introduction to Ethical Theory (in Eastern & Western Traditions)     UMN, Fall 2023

Self, Heart, & Mind in Eastern Philosophies                                         UNC, Summer 2023

Wittgenstein on Language, Meaning, & The Limits of Philosophy     UNC, Summer 2022

Feminist Themes in Philosophy, Film, & Literature                              UNC, Summer 2021

Peace, War, and Human Nature                                                           UNC, Summer 2020

Introduction to Mathematical Logic                                                      UNC, Summer 2019

Seminar in Selected Topics: Plato’s Republic                                        UNC, Spring 2019

Environmental Ethics                                                                              UNC, Fall 2018

Ancient Greek Ethics: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle                             UNC, Summer 2018

Ancient Greek Philosophy: Eudaimonia and the Good Life                  UNC, Spring 2018

Ancient Greek Philosophy: From Thales to Aristotle                             UNC, Summer 2017

As Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Ethics (with Geoff Sayre-McCord)                               UNC, Fall 2017

Environmental Ethics (with Douglas MacLean)                                    UNC, Spring 2017

Introduction to Mathematical Logic (with Gillian Russell)                    UNC, Fall 2016 

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